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“Atters” is a satirical writer and comedian as well as a professional actor whose penchant for all things British, strange and otherworldly often permeates most aspects of his work. An alma mater of St Martin’s School of Art, London, Atters graduated to indulge as a fine artist/filmmaker in tandem with his work as a television producer and director for both Channel 4 and the BBC. His comedy theatre show Atters Attree’s Paranormal Terrors parodies both the supernatural and conspiracy theories while his interests in unusual manifestations of facial hair have led him to become a former host and Chairman of the World Beard and Moustache Championships (and a leading moustache aficionado). 

He is also the Editor at Large of the satirical magazine The Chap. As such he conducts numerous celebrity cover interviews of Blighty’s most notable and celebrated “chaps” and “chappets”. He is the author/illustrator of Bagwan and the Heap; a children’s picture book which is scheduled to be published in hardback later this year.