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Steve Wale hails from Leicester and a large family. On leaving school unqualified in 1964 he worked in shops and factories. In 1973 he was accepted into Drama Centre London, which he considers one of his most important events. He began his career in BBC School's television in 1976 under the producer Andre Mollineux. His professional stage debut was as The Back Legs Of The Cow at The Lyceum Crewe in 1976, directed by David Sumner. TV credits include, Dr. Who, The professionals, Partners In Crime (Agatha Christie), Mr. Palfrey Of Westminster, The Headmaster (Dir: Roland Joffe), and, of course, The Bill. He made a BBC Playhouse, Days At The Beach, written and directed by Malcolm Mowbray in which he played an incompetent gigolo. He has made numerous commercial and business training videos. Stage highlights include Serious Money (five characters) by Caryl Churchill directed by Max Stafford­Clark at The Albury, The Illusion (Corneille) directed by Richard Jones at The Old Vic, and “F. An alcholic” in Dancing Bears by Stewart Browne ­ Hen And Chickens.

He quit acting in 1994 in order to study full­time for university entrance at Ruskin College Oxford. In 1995 he became and undergraduate in Social Anthropology at Queen's University Belfast as “The Troubles” were beginning to ebb. He graduated (II.I) in 1998. In 2013 he returned to the UK and acting, with his one man show “Jack”. His favourite destination remains Japan.