Actors » Ahmed Ali

Ahmed had his first taste of acting on a stage when he was fourteen. It was a school show in Digbeth Hall, Birmingham. At eighteen He took up drama lessons in London School of Acting. Ahmed could not pursue acting as full time profession because of difficulties life had thrown at him. Ahmed still did not give up. He acted in many plays across community centres, schools, theatres i.e.  Crescent Theatre, Old Rep, Brady Art Centre, Grange Art Centre, Spitafield Theatre and Drum Theatre and in small budget films. 


Recently he has taken acting more seriously, giving it more time and commitment to pursue his desire. Since then Ahmed have been casts in few bigger productions like, Jahaji, Salty Water and Us and world premiere of David Walliams Ratburger, which was produced by Heartbreak Productions that went on tour all across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland performing seventy-five shows from 1st of June till !0th September. In his early years he had played a good level of football, snooker, badminton, table tennis and practised kickboxing. His interests now are coaching, and managing football team, reading, drawing and keeping fit.