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Roxana's passion for performing was ignited at a young age after being scouted to play the lead in a terrestrial aired documentary about children starting school. In her teens she was scouted again for numerous commercials for some global and international brands, including Ford cars, City Bank and Slovakian Telekom.  This in turn brought more acting opportunities so she signed up for a national youth programme at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre to train in drama and performance.  Roxana narrowly missed being cast in a small role in Terry George’s Hotel Rwanda, which she heard about just after she arrived in London. She continued to perform and train in many diverse studio workshops with Andy Lucas and Philip Wood in Manchester and courses at City Lit. On her debut in London, Roxana was cast in a myriad of shorts and music videos and then shortly after, her first feature film. She then took a break to travel extensively around South America, where she trained in horseback riding and aerial theatre. Roxana returned to London where she continued working on films and diversified into other performing arts like contemporary dance. Roxana also studies Shaolin Kungfu, which she has been training in for four years.  


Some of Roxana’s recent roles include playing the lead female in the Anglo-French Sci-Fi short Singularity, which was selected for screening at the Cannes Short Film Corner as well as Official selection at the Philip K Dick Sci-Fi film festival in New York and their sister festival in Lille, France and most recently the Festival of Science-Fiction in Lyon. Roxana’s strengths are clearly best demonstrated on the big screen. The reviews and festival short-listings her films have gathered are testament to her talent. Roxana is based primarily in London where she has lived for 10 years, but has shot on location around the UK as well as in both mainland Europe and Africa.