Actresses » Michal Banai

Michal Banai is a product of her US/Israeli upbringing and her Persian/Polish heritage.

Michal always knew she wanted to be an actress. Despite that, she first completed her Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Sciences, before studying acting professionally at one of Israel's leading acting schools, Kibbutzim College.

After graduating from acting school, Michal combined her experience as an improvisation actress, her stand up comedy skills and her classic theatre education in several leading roles in mainstream theatres, independent productions and several short films.

Since arriving in London in 2012, Michal has participated in several T.V. shows (credits include Homeland), a variety of theatre productions, improvised shows and commercials. Michal has also recently completed shooting the feature “Entebbe” which is due to release in 2017.

 At the same time, Michal continues to hone her skills as an actress, studying with leading acting coaches, maintaining the combination of classical theatre, alongside improvisational and comedy acting.