Actresses » Lola-Rose Maxwell

Lola-Rose trained in all things comedy, improvised, sketch, clown and character acting. She's taken two character shows to The Edinburgh Fringe 2014 and 2015 and can be found performing throughout London's alternative comedy nights including Character Assassination; and as an actor in two comedy films.

She can be heard on audible, narrating a variety of children's audiobooks, as various characters on BBC Radio 4's The adventures of Mr Brown and The Dawson Brother's Sketch Showcase, guesting on hilarious podcasts including Magic Robot and FACT Up and most importantly, a cassette tape of a radio show she made when she was 7. The features on this radio show include "guess that sound" (spoiler alert, its her knocking on a wall).

Lola-Rose improvises live comedy weekly with prestigious groups The Petting Zoo and The Free Association.