Actresses » Abigail Oaks

Abigail was born and bred in Sheffield, raised by an artist and a theatre technician, in a creative world that continually fuelled her imagination. After being on stage at four years old she got the performing bug, so took dance classes and became a member of Sheffield Youth Theatre and Crucible Youth Theatre groups. After a thirteen-year career in hospitality, she decided to pursue acting seriously, so left her managerial position to train, which ultimately led to her gaining a place at ALRA and graduating with an MA in Professional Acting. Her training at ALRA was broad, covering a lot of disciplines, leaving her comfortable with film, TV, stage, commercial, voice over, comedy, children’s shows, site-specific, improvising, stage combat and much more. 


She’s been in short films that are educational (Nurse Tamsin in ‘Barbara’s Story’) and art house (Mary Shelley in ‘Devon Gothic’), stage pieces that are newly written (Lynne in ‘EWOK’) and Shakespearean (Lady Macbeth in ‘Macbeth’), and site-specific pieces that are historical (Queen Caroline at ‘Brunswick House’) and empathetic (Performance Consultant for ‘In My Shoes…’). She has a natural aptitude for comedy, gaining praise for her comic timing as Mrs Wire in Tennessee William’s ‘The Lady of Larkspur Lotion’. But she’s just as comfortable with drama, being proud to have been recently asked to showcase the work of University Women in the Arts, at the Royal Court for International Women’s Day. Her tastes are varied, as are her talents and she does it all to the best of her ability.