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Dalila McFarlane-Martin trained in Acting at Falmouth University and graduated in 2016. Her recent credits include: the film ‘Invisible Strings’ produced by the BFI and was released on 21st Feb at BFI Future Film Festival. She is currently filming the web series 'Living My Best Life' which will debut at the end of 2019. Dalila will also perform as Zahara in play "Conversations With Ed" at the Bread and Roses Theatre, London, from 16th July - 20th July.
The London native has been apart of several projects productions over the last few years including 'Bottle Up & Explode' at the Courtyard Theatre directed by Kelechi Okafor. She was also apart of Next Up Talent's 2017 showcase at the National Theatre Studios and worked on Bashir Productions showcase at The Cockpit Theatre, 2018. When she's not performing, she DJs at notable bars and clubs in London and has recently secured a monthly residency in Theatre Deli's bar.