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Alexandra is a born and bred London actress with proud Yorkshire roots. She trained at Drama Studio London having spent 3 years at university studying Drama in Liverpool where she developed an even deeper love of the north. Since graduating, she has travelled the world and rediscovered a love of new writing, mountains and accents. Alexandra has a real passion for comedy, Shakespeare and physical theatre. When she isn’t performing, she can be found baking, awkward dancing or tending to the many plants in her kitchen.

Alexandra has been involved in a variety of theatre productions and has a particular fondness for Jacobean writing and Shakespeare. She has worked with the BBC, Tuppence Films and The English Theatre Company on a combination of commercial work, film and European touring. She most recently worked with Mercurius Theatre Company in A Trick to Catch the Old one as the Courtesan at the Rose Theatre Bankside. She is currently rehearsing for an Edgar Allen Poe production of  Masque of the Red Death as Pandora at Barons Court Theatre.