Actors » Colin Deaney

As a child I grew up in a rural community, my first encounter with the stage was being cast in a school production of Midsomer Nights Dream. On leaving school I became apprenticed in the Printing Trade and for the next few years  there was no spare time for drama, having served my time I took time out to hitch my way round Europe with the princely sum of £50 in my pocket.
I joined a drama group on my return and was cast as Sandy Tyrell for a drama festival production of Hay Fever, followed by Chief Bromden in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, and Martin Dysart in Equus.
By this time I was running my own Printing business and supporting a family.
In 2012 I auditioned for a place on a Drama Foundation year, accepted I was thrilled to be working with some young talented people.
For a tall guy I am very quick on my feet, I enjoy playing tennis and any contact sport , either playing or watching.
I enjoy going to the theatre and the movies, but best of all I love being on a film set or in a studio.