Actors » Washim Abdul Gafoor

Washim is a young adult actor and a voiceover artist who recently graduated from Drama St Mary's. He now has a BA (Hons) plus a two-year acting degree from college. In 2019 he was also part of the performing arts school I Got Soul in Ruislip.

His most recent stage works include Layla’s room, The Welkin and the musical Victoria's Knickers. Previously he has been in Hamlet, Chicago and To Kill a Mockingbird. His screen works include Cul-de-sac, Death by Daiquiri and an animated adaptation of Lord of the Rings where he voiced the role of Frodo. 

Washim has a weapon certificate from The British Academy of Dramatic Combat where he received training for Rapier & Dagger and Basic Smallsword in 2021. His greatest quality is arguably his voice – it is deep, characterful and melodic. He loves to explore its many qualities to bring a wide range of characters to life.