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Actors » Cara Chan

Cara 'KC' Chan is a multi-talented and versatile East Asian actor-musician, voice actor, model, presenter and streamer based in East London. A professional musician since the age of 12, she has exploded into the worlds of both stage and screen to much success, despite only having made her acting debut in early 2022.
KC's recent credits include voiceover for horror short film 'Happy Hour' (Joshua King), stage performance in the dual role of Amy/Miranda in 'The Audition Process' (Lucie Lutte), and screen work for Disney's 'Retreat' (Brit Marling), Channel 4's 'Razor Sharp', E4's 'Feel Fabulous with Graham Cruz' (Mike Matthews) and British personality Dave Courtney OBE's latest feature film 'Caught In-Between' and the subsequent spinoff - the 'Fenton and Turner' sitcom. KC was awarded a membership at the National Youth Film Academy and has recently hosted their podcast, 'The Voice of a Film Generation' on the topic of 'Race: The Running Joke'.
With a vast set of musical instruments under her belt, KC is also highly skilled at accent and voice work and has numerous weapons and firearms trainings in her combat armoury.