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Actors » Sashi Chiesa

Sashi Chiesa is a Swiss-Filipino actress. She starred as the lead in Cannes Film Festival selected Director Will Wertz’s most recent short film ‘Don’t Miss Me When You’re Gone’. Other acting credits include a worldwide ‘Axe’ commercial, a short film directed by Oscar nominee Lakeith Stanfield and Bryan Wriggle, Katurian in ‘The Pillowman’ at Theatre Deli London, and Jenny in ‘Mr. Burns’ at the Stockwell Theatre in London.

Sashi trained for 2 years at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles before moving to London and was in the Professional Tier at the Identity School of Acting. She speaks 4 languages and also appeared on TV as she was Miss Universe Philippines Lapu-Lapu 2022, and Miss Universe Switzerland Top 5.